Developing Green Energy.

Offsetting Carbon.

Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Anaerobic Digestion, CNG Fueling Stations, CHP Management, and Carbon Neutral IoT Facility Development.

“Our Mission is to Provide Sustainability Through Active Renewables, with Integrity, Innovation, and Stewardship for Future Generations” 


About Us

Star Energy Holdings is a developer of renewable and alternative energy technologies. The Fort Wayne, Indiana based firm was founded in 2008 by Steven Estes to manage his wind-energy development company, Star Wind Holdings. As Star Energy has expanded, the company has begun investing in the development of additional green energy technologies, including solar, anaerobic digesters and compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations. Presently, our company is focused on the development of anaerobic digesters and solar energy. 

Our Companies

The Star Energy Holdings Family

Anaerobic Digestion and IoT Partnerships.

Residential and Small Industrial Solar Installation.

Wind Project Development.

Renewable Energy News

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