About Us

 Star Energy Holdings is a developer of renewable and alternative energy technologies. The Fort Wayne, Indiana based firm was founded in 2008 by Steven Estes to manage his wind-energy development company, Star Wind Holdings. As Star Energy has expanded, the company has begun investing in the development of additional green energy technologies, including solar, anaerobic digesters and compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations. Presently, our company is focused on the development of anaerobic digesters and solar energy. 

Star Energy Holdings is divided into three primary companies which include: Star Bioenergy, Star Solar and Star Wind. The main goal of Star Bioenergy is carbon utilization, through partnerships with IoT facilities and the development of anaerobic digesters. The company also specializes in  E-Rin pathway validation. Star Solar is a flexible solar company, having developed over 400 megawatts of construction ready projects, as well as being equipped for residential and small industrial installations. Visit our solar website for any installation questions. Star Wind’s foremost achievement is the development of over 1400 megawatts of wind projects at varying stages of land acquisition or engineering development. 

Core Values



Making sure our next generation has the resources it needs to thrive.



Making our community a cleaner place to live.



Creating new closed loop carbon cycles in new industries.

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“Ensuring our next generation is set up for success, also means opening doors for further green innovation in the future. What we do now in this industry lays the blocks for a brighter future.”

Steve Estes, C.E.O.