Services & Projects

Star Energy Holdings is involved in a variety of different stages of services. While mostly focused on project development, we also provide more hands on services in some of the industries we are involved with.

Making the Switch to Green Is Easy

With innovation, the renewable energy industry as a whole is becoming more and more involved in new sectors. We strive to help develop new renewable energy ideas, and apply what we know to create new closed loop carbon cycles and reduce carbon in open loop cycles.

Our Companies

The Star Energy Holdings Family

Closed Carbon Loops

The main goal of Star Bioenergy is carbon utilization, through partnerships with IoT facilities and the development of anaerobic digesters. The company also specializes in  E-Rin pathway validation. 

Design and Installation

Star Solar is a flexible solar company, having developed over 400 megawatts of construction ready projects, as well as being equipped for residential and small industrial installations. Visit our website for any installation questions. 

Carbon Reduction

Star Wind’s foremost achievement is the development of over 1400 megawatts of wind projects at varying stages of land acquisition or engineering development. 

Projects by State